Mr. Probz against the stream

Mr Probz - Against The Stream documents the life of Mr. Probz, once a troubled young rapper on the street of Holland, now a world famous singer. Mr. Probz conquered the world with his number one hit single 'Waves', collaberated with HipHop legends and toured all over the world. Against The Stream relives how Mr. Probz escaped death multiple times and uses music as therapy to break with his troubled past..

Mad for Madonna

October 6th, 2012, marked Madonna's 30th Anniversary in the entertainment world and 30 years of intense passion for her fans. From the U.S.A to Israel, France, Italy, Australia and The Netherlands, this exciting and informative documentary uncovers the charming and fierce fandom of Madonna, Queen Of Pop.

Motxila21 Live

Motxila 21 are a unique rock band … full of strength, passion and enthusiasm… but oh!…there is something peculiar about them … half of the band’s members have Down syndrome. The documentary is a road movie.It’s about diversity, about respect, friendship, creativity, it’s about rock, about music, but above all it’s about people.

Motxila21,Trailer from iñaki alforja on Vimeo.


Message in a Bottle

(Adventure) A trio of young teens' lives are changed forever when they go on a journey to rescue a kid sending eerie notes down stream in bottles. Johnny Tatro (Matthew Owen Kozak) is a passionate young teen that has been mislabeled due to skeletons in his family closet. His sarcastic, socially immature best friend, Timmy (Jack Champion) has been sheltered his entire life due to medical issues. Emily (Emma Morrison) is a young women trying to get out from under her sister's shadow and find her own identity. Each set out on this Journey to an unknown destination for their own reasons and a shared bond of friendship. Can the optimism of youth survive the harsh light of day?

A Table Discussion

In 1961, after rejecting one too many ad campaign pitches for their product, a folding table, six incompetent businessmen receive an ultimatum from their superior to come up with a pitch themselves or they lose their job.

A Table Discussion | OFFICIAL TRAILER from Steven Lopez on Vimeo.


Steryotypica is a story that follows the adventures of a boy named JayJay, as he is brought into a strange video game world, or, a real life video game, if you prefer, to stop a foreboding evil that consumes the world. After being transported, JayJay quickly realizes that this video game world is filled with crappy cliches from all sorts of video games. It's definitely not the the world he bargained for.

Scary Lucy

In April of 2015, a hideous statue of comedian Lucille Ball known as 'Scary Lucy' made national news headlines. Since then, residents of Celoron, New York have reported strange activity in the area surrounding the statue.

Freezer Burn

An enthusiastic business man purchases a freezer.

Chocolate Cake

A first date brings young Jenny (Brittney Grabill) and Tim (Manny Jacinto) together for a slice of chocolate cake. Love reveals a potential path for them, as well as the inevitable rollercoaster of emotions. The question remains - will they take a chance on love?

On the 7th Date

On the 7th date, Tara and Shawn find that their relationship is going nowhere. So they decide to come to terms with it and spend their last night together being their true selves and sharing what each of them really wants from another person. But as the evening unravels and things begin spiraling out of control, the two begin to realize that their ideal selves may not be who they imagined.


Someone in a quiet area asked help from the people who he sees till someone enters the house and suddenly...

avc_TRILER LIMIT from javad on Vimeo.


A child of neglect is faced with his past and handles it in an unorthodox way.

Doragon No Me

A young boy witnesses the death of his family before getting his eyes gouged out by the Mujina Clan. This is a tale of revenge.

Harvest Tales: A Deplorable Story

An animated musical that tells the story of the "New American Narrative" ever since the 2016 Presidential Election.

"Claire and Bruno: a story of Love and Fresh Meat"

Claire and Bruno are not very happy together. They are going on a vacation, secretly hoping to mend fences with each other. Just in time : the world is coming to an end.

Claire & Bruno - Teaser "miam-miam" from Lionel Delebarre on Vimeo.


In full military uniform, Chad Tyler is welcomed back to his Midwestern hometown by new and old friends alike. From the bus stop, Chad works his way through his old stomping grounds, getting reacquainted with a drink at each stop and catching up on old times. Along the way Chad is joined by Camille who idolized him when he was a star on the high school baseball team. As his one-man parade winds its way through town, the enthusiasm for Chad's service and glory days soon fades as he's reunited with more 'friends' from his past.

"El Patron"

A DEA agent returns from deep cover to catch a traitor, only to find that nothing is what it seems.

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