Friends Don't Let Friends Date Friends

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Friends Don't Let Friends Date Friends -DVD
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A group of coffee drinking poets hang out in thrift stores and cemeteries trying to find themselves. What they discover is that love is more than having stuff in common; it is more than words ; it is finding someone who will never leave your side.

Della Regal (Amelia Favata) avoids emotional entanglements as she deals with her job at the park program and her turbulent home-life with a huge dose of sarcasm. When her best friends meet, fun-loving, flashy Gwen Stanley (Erin Stamp) falls hard and fast for the passionate, impetuos Kyle Montgomery (Adam S. Dixson). The introduction of beautiful yet insecure Allison, (Casey Litzenberger) creates a love triangle which becomes a square with the addition of Della's eccentric new friend Jeff (Eric Witkowski). Della is caught in the middle as her friends fall in and out of love and she is forced to come to terms with her feelings for the men in her life.

The hilarious supporting cast includes Deborah Sawyer as Della's promiscuous, alcoholic mother. Brenda Rickert, Lynn Czekaj, Benjamin Berry, Matt Lord, John Kreuzer, Michael Paul Will, Ben Knights, Peter Calieri, Mark Mendola, Phyliss Conn, Doug Lake, Katie Guy, Jeremy Cullen, Michael O'Keefe, Bill Brown, Madeline Elizabeth Berl, Tyler Aser, Timothy Micheal, Hernan Caraballo, Fran Pecorella, Brad Spiotta, Patrick Crowley, Robert Rickner, James Murphy, Frank A. Tedesco, Dennis Button, Keith C. Lukowski, Aaron Dalton, Steve Losey Sr., Charissa Farnsworth, Nick Goodwin, Holly West, Robert Wardzala, Victoria West, Mark Parker, and Rhonda Parker.

Featuring the music of "The Lonely Ones."