Filmmaker Spotlight

Jordan Mattiuzzo: A first time film maker
who takes inspiration from personal experiences.


FAME: What was the inspiration behind "My Glorious Meltdown"?

  Jordan: The film is loosely based off of my life when I got out of the Army and lived with my two cousins. I was inspired to write it by my producer Keith Lukowski.


FAME: What was the biggest challeges you faced and most rewarding experiences in creating your film?

Jordan: Biggest challenge was coordinating the actors, crew, equipment, sets, and venues.

FAME: What do you want people do take away from watching your film?

Jordan : I hope that more writers, producers, and directors will be inspired to do comedies. Because they can do a much better job.

FAME:What have you learned from making these film that might be of value to aspiring filmmakers?

Jordan : There was so much I have learned from this. The two most important things were editing and how to be a better actor.

FAME: Any other films of yours our readers can check out? What about upcoming projects?

Jordan : I am doing a action film with Matt Lord and trying to pick up other promising jobs. However, the biggest project I'm working on now is having my first baby.

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