About Us
Beaver Alley Studios Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization established for the purpose of facilitating the production, promotion, distribution, exhibition and celebration of independent art in all forms, especially art from a female perspective. The organization has taken over the holdings of Kaleidscopic Productions, a WNY Production Company started in 2010 by a husband and wife team. This includes three feature films, 10 short films, commercial submissions, music videos, trailers, short film concepts and public service videos.

Rhonda Parker (President/Secretary) has a background in film, photojournalism, tax preparation, paralegal, acting, sales, and visual arts. Her passion and creativity is the driving force behind the company. She uses her organizational and time management skills to arrange a production schedule that maximizes efficiency at a minimal expense. Her legal training allows for costs that would otherwise be incurred by lawyers to be completed at little or no cost. She is an award winning writer whose scripts are commended for their complex characters, witty dialogue, and wisdom. Her scripts have mass appeal yet can be completed with unmatched speed and frugality. Her acting background and personable personality makes her an ideal director.

Mark Parker (Vice President/ CFO) has a background in film, editing, music, photography, web design, real estate business, and graphic design. Mark leads the cinematography and sound team during production. His technical skills are utilized in lighting and special effects. His hands on knowledge of what is needed in post, saves wasted time, energy and money during the production phase. He has a remarkable attention to detail that makes him an ideal editor. His background in music assures proper attention is paid to the critical element of sound in the film. As a singer/songwriter and musician he creates original music for productions. His skills in graphic design and web design save costs that would otherwise be incurring for this service. His perfectionism from start to finish assures the production of a quality product.