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Welcome to the BAS 2020 membership drive. Membership benefits for 2020 start immediately. All levels include acknowledgment on our website, thank you on social media and ability to attend meetings and participate in committees and programming. DVD's are Friends Don't Let Friends Date Friends and Message in a Bottle while supplies last.

Visitor- $5 per meeting

Social member: $25 year - Above benefits and BAS DVD or one month unlimited streaming.

Creator: $50 year - BAS Voting Rights, 2 BAS DVDs or 6 months unlimited streaming, 50% off WNY FAME fees, merchandise. 20% off workshops, event admission, and services.

Revolutionary- $100 year BAS Voting Rights, Membership to Indie Film Revolt, 12 months unlimited streaming. More TBD.

Benefactor: $500 year - Voting Rights, 4 BAS DVDs or 12 months unlimited streaming. Advertisement on our website and at WNY FAME.

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Any donation is greatly appreciated.

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Beaver Alley Studios Inc is currently looking for businesses to help sponsor our Western New York Film Art & Music Event (WNY FAME) and other programming

Contact us at or 716-302-7638