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Beaver Alley Studios Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization established for the purpose of facilitating the production, promotion, distribution, exhibition and celebration of independent art in all forms, especially art from a female perspective.
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Friends Don't Let Friends Date Friends

Award winning! Featuring music of THE LONELY ONES!

"it's not a 'chick flick' because it's not contrived - there's an honesty to it that will speak to most people, a simplicity that makes it accessible to almost anyone, but there's a real intelligence at work."
-Greg Lamberson, Buffalo Dreams Film Festival

"An instant classic." "By far the best independent film I have seen in years." "An absolutely unforgettable film." "Cute, funny, emotional, inspiring." "Will exceed the expectations of every person ever in love." (Source IMDB reviews)


Lonely Bananas
A savvy business man creates romantic (and not so romantic) encounters for his clients with his online dating service and speed dating events.

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Message In A Bottle
A feature film about a group of young people go on a life changing journey to save a child after finding eerie messages sent downstream in bottles.

Message In A Bottle page

Currently in Post Production
(Running times are estimated)

Mangle Me (7 min) A group of friends has a party on Halloween not knowing they are being stalked by a crazed mass murderer.

A Dysfunctional Thanksgiving (28 min) A typical family gathering where nearly every guest has a motive for murder.

A Very Zombie Christmas (24 min) Peace on earth is disturbed when human newlywed Lauren’s family meets her Zombie husband Luke and his family.

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Stranded (24min) When a wife brings divorce papers to her husband during a blizzard, they become stranded with a young couple in love and a useless group of superheros.